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Easily change default Windows® folder locations.


Figuring out how to change Windows® default folder locations can be complicated, confusing, and involves digging around in properties and settings. PCmover® Reconfigurator is a free software that simplifies the process of changing the default Windows folder locations on multiple drives with just a few clicks. Simply install PCmover Reconfigurator, choose the Windows libraries you want to move, click the "Transfer" button, and let Reconfigurator do the rest! 

How does PCmover® Reconfigurator work?




Download and install PCmover Reconfigurator on your Windows PC.



Choose the Windows libraries you want to move to another drive.



Click the "Transfer" button and let PCmover Reconfigurator do the rest.

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Files are moved and the default location for main user data is changed to rotating storage.

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PCmover Reconfigurator is closely aligned to our core mission of helping individual PC users, small businesses, and large enterprises alike get their PCs set up and running quickly and easily. Reconfiguring drives for optimum efficiency is often an overlooked final step in the PC set-up or migration process because of the complexity involved. Now, it’s fast and simple.”
Thomas Koll, CEO


Setting up or moving to a new PC? Try this.


Setting up your PC can be frustrating! Automatically move your applications, files, settings, and user profiles from an old PC to a new one, or from an old operating system to a new one. Most applications are transferred and installed, making them ready-to-use on the new PC. So there’s no need to go hunting for old CDs, previously downloaded programs, serial numbers, or license codes!

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Install PCmover Pro on both your old and new computers.


Click through the wizard and select which type of transfer you want to do.

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Done! Your new computer will have the same personality and functionality as your old PC.

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With roots reaching back to the days of MS DOS, we've seen every transfer scenario imaginable. From small issues to the biggest IT nightmares, PCmover can help.


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"After migrating almost 100,000 PCs in 100+ global locations, we could not have asked for a better product than PCmover."

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